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Approximate length: 149mm. Only Uroplatus fimbriatus and U. lineatus are known from the locality according to distribution maps in Glaw & vences (2007). This is certainly not the former but I am hesitant about whether it is really the latter. It seems to me more similar to some others in the lineatus subgroup.

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Uroplatus - Photo (c) Frank Vassen, some rights reserved (CC BY)
danielaustin's ID: Genus Uroplatus, a member of Typical Geckos (Family Gekkonidae)
Posted by danielaustin over 4 years ago (Flag)
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Posted by wingedwolfpsion about 4 years ago (Flag)
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Thanks wingedwolfpsion... but on what basis do you conclude this is U. fimbriatus? It seems to me to have none of the distinguishing features of that species, and patterning much more typical for species like U. alluaudi.

Posted by danielaustin about 4 years ago (Flag)
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The snout is not long enough, nor does the gecko appear large enough, to be a U. fimb (nor is the patterning right for a fimbriatus-group gecko, even in juvenile colouration), and it is very clearly not U. lineata or U. pietschmanni. The U. alluaudi-group lacks the jaw fringe, so it's not one of those either.
No, I'd say this is unambiguously from the henkeli-group - possibly U. aff. henkeli (a known but undescribed species which has made its way very effectively into the pet trade in America), which is known from forests further north and west.

Posted by markscherz over 2 years ago (Flag)
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Posted by danielaustin over 2 years ago (Flag)
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Uroplatus - Photo (c) Frank Vassen, some rights reserved (CC BY)
Community ID: Genus Uroplatus, a member of Typical Geckos (Family Gekkonidae)
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