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Photo © Roger C. Kendrick, all rights reserved
Tai Po Kau, New Territories, Hong Kong (Google, OSM)
22.437558, 114.193053


Insecta: Lepidoptera
Saturniidae, Saturniinae
Samia wangi

Tai Po Kau Headland Conservation Area, Tai Po, Hong Kong

This is a female (fat body and small antennae).

There is a little story to tell about this particular moth. . . .
The species Samia wangi was described and named in 2001 by Ric Peigler and Stefan Naumann as part of their revision of the genus Samia. I had arranged for Prof. Peigler (who visited Hong Kong recently as part of a silk research trip in China) to visit Tai Po Kau with some friends of mine over dinner, and have a moth trap in operation. Fortune was with us, as this beautifully fresh moth turned up at the light - the very first live wild Samia wangi that its describer had ever seen!

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Posted by hkmoths about 3 years ago (Flag)
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