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Coe State Park, Poverty Flats

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Posted by tigerhawkvok over 3 years ago (Flag)
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Posted by kueda about 3 years ago (Flag)
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Note the dusky toe tips, which are characteristic of _mucosa_ rather than _boylii_.

Posted by tigerhawkvok about 3 years ago (Flag)
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You may be right, I don't know enough about the morphology to say for sure, but this is WAY out of range for R. muscosa, at least given the IUCN range and the range description on AmphibiaWeb. Check out the HerpNET / BerkeleyMapper range too.

Posted by kueda about 3 years ago (Flag)
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Posted by loarie over 2 years ago (Flag)
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pond frogs - Photo (c) Billy Lindblom, some rights reserved (CC BY)
Community ID: pond frogs (Genus Rana)
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