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Photo © Sara Viernum, mixed licenses
Choke Canyon State Park Texas (Google, OSM)
28.4725962, -98.338962
Accuracy: 10389m


Found two alive and three dead on the roads near the canyon

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Posted by sarasalamander almost 3 years ago (Flag)
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Posted by ncherps almost 3 years ago (Flag)
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Do you have a better photo of the tail or a closer photo of the head? The scales on the head, the overall pattern and color look like a Crotalus scutulatus to me - this is definitely a weird pattern and color for a C. atrox. Plus it has the typical two interocular head scales like a C. scutulatus.

Posted by atrox over 2 years ago (Flag)
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Atrox, I also first thought it might have been C.Scutulatus, but didn't think they got to that part of Texas?? I agree that further pictures would also help greatly in this instance as the lighting and shadows in particular make it hard to see the tail and features. That said I would have to bow to your knowledge on this species :)

Posted by ncherps over 2 years ago (Flag)
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I've added two more photos. Hope they help. I was under the impression that Crotalus scutulatus didn't come this far east. The guide books only show them in west Texas.

Posted by sarasalamander over 2 years ago (Flag)
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Posted by andygluesenkamp 12 months ago (Flag)
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Western Diamondback Rattlesnake - Photo (c) Jerry Oldenettel, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC-SA)
Community ID: Western Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus atrox)
ncherps andygluesenkamp 2 people agree

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