Gabriela Castro

Hello folks, my name is Gabriela Castro. Since I was a little girl (catching frogs in jars of mayonnaise), I aspired to a career as a biologist or a veterinarian. But I can barely see blood, let alone dissect critters...

I joined the group to find, share and enjoy amphibians. But also to have a little help from experts classifying the Brazilian biodiversity. Cheers!

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Genus Harpia
Peanut-headed Bug
(Fulgora laternaria)
Mosses, Hornworts, a...
(Phylum Bryophyta)
Cururu Toad
(Rhinella schneideri)
Typical Geckos
(Family Gekkonidae)
(Delphinapterus leucas)
Barn Owl
(Tyto alba)
blacksmith treefrog
(Hypsiboas faber)

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