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April 15, 2012


The location is near Mt. St.Helens Park off the Castle Rock exit on I-5. The weather is overcast with very bright clouds; sun is trying to break through. The location is a forest and residential area. Dominant species are Maple, Cedar, Hemlock, Sword fern, lychen, moss, and English Ivy. I found this 4 foot tall shrub growing out of a multi-tree stump. It could possibly be the original growth of the cut tree, an epiphite, or a nurse log. The individual stems grow out of the stump and have buds scaling the entire stem. The buds are bright green and have some bright red spots. These spots may be the potential petals of the flowers. The close up shows the individual hairs on the bud, similar to what a pussy willow looks like when it has buds.

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