Projects in Monterey

Fort Ord Natural Reserve icon

Fort Ord Natural Reserve

Located on part of the former Fort Ord Army Base, Fort Ord Natural Reserve supports excellent examples of m...
Hastings Natural History Reservation icon

Hastings Natural History Reservation

Hastings Natural History Reservation, set in the open foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains in upper Carme...
Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve icon

Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve

Set in the Santa Lucia Mountains along the Big Sur coast, the Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve encompasses se...
Monterey Bay Nature icon

Monterey Bay Nature

The Otter Project currently gathers citizen scientists to document human uses in and surrounding Marine Pro...
Palo Corona Bird List icon

Palo Corona Bird List

A citizen science bird census under the aegis of the U.C. California Naturalist program. This project will...
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