Projects in Oakland

1502 Alice Street Biological Monitoring icon

1502 Alice Street Biological Monitoring

This project is to document all of the organisms that call a mid-sized apartment complex and is small backy...
Bay Area Beeways icon

Bay Area Beeways

Pollinator Posse provides useful techniques and information on ways to create bee friendly gardens and land...
Bishop O'Dowd Bioblitz icon

Bishop O'Dowd Bioblitz

ISMC is providing support to the AP Environmental Studies program at Oakland's Bishop O'Dowd High School. T...
Community School for Creative Education icon

Community School for Creative Education

Animals, Birds and Bugs near the Community School for Creative Education in Oakland California.
Huckleberry Botanic Preserve Monitoring icon

Huckleberry Botanic Preserve Monitoring

The goal of this project is to keep track of the things that live in Huckleberry Botanic Preserve in Oaklan...
Insects of Knowland Park icon

Insects of Knowland Park

Many Oaklanders do not realize that Joseph Knowland State Arboretum and Park is includes a large swaths of ...
Lake Merritt Bioblitz icon

Lake Merritt Bioblitz

Help us explore America's oldest wildlife refuge: Lake Merritt! Located right in the heart of Oakland, you ...
Lake Merritt species icon

Lake Merritt species

The purpose of this project is to document the many species of organisms hat can be found at Lake Merritt i...
Merritt College Biodiversity icon

Merritt College Biodiversity

Merritt College is a part of the Peralta Community College District. This project records observations as p...
Pollinator Palooza Bioblitz 2017 icon

Pollinator Palooza Bioblitz 2017

The bioblitz will be held during the Pollinator Palooza event at the Lake Merritt gardens, part of a larger...
Pollinator Posse project icon

Pollinator Posse project

collect data of pollinators spotted in Oakland
Redwood Regional Park Biomimicry Bioblitz 2015 icon

Redwood Regional Park Biomimicry Bioblitz 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Coastal Redwood Biomimicry Network Bioblitz! This event will be held at Redwood Regi...
Remnants of Oakland's Original Oak Woodlands icon

Remnants of Oakland's Original Oak Woodlands

Oakland was named for majestic oak woodlands dotting our hills and alluvial plains. Photos from 1850-1860 s...
Save Knowland Park Bio-Blitz icon

Save Knowland Park Bio-Blitz

This N4N bioblitz was put together very quickly. Why? There is a whole lot at stake. Ignoring community out...
Species of Leona Canyon icon

Species of Leona Canyon

To create awareness about the Leona Canyon (Laundry Farm Canyon), the surrounding Caballo Hills and the Arr...
The Bakery Lofts (Oakland, CA) icon

The Bakery Lofts (Oakland, CA)

To compile a list of the plants, animals and fungi found in the Bakery Lofts' complex and track the migrato...
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