Projects in New York

2013 Macaulay Honors College Central Park BioBlitz icon

2013 Macaulay Honors College Central Park BioBlitz

On August 26-27, 2013, Macaulay Honors College and the Central Park Conservancy partnered to conduct a 24 h...
2014 ATBI Bioblitz icon

2014 ATBI Bioblitz

Join area naturalists and their friends at the Adirondack Interpretive Center on June 29th for the 2014 Bio...
Adirondack All-Taxa Biodiversity Inventory icon

Adirondack All-Taxa Biodiversity Inventory

Our mission is to survey the diversity of life and connect people to natural communities through participat...
Allegany Nature Pilgrimage virtual hike (NY) icon

Allegany Nature Pilgrimage virtual hike (NY)

Plants, animals, fungi and lower life forms* found during the annual Allegany Nature Pilgrimage in Allegany...
APIPP Vegetation Survey Project icon

APIPP Vegetation Survey Project

Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program (APIPP) is monitoring invasive, non-native, and native vegetation at...
Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structure--Long Island icon

Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structure--Long Island

ARMS is a systematic, consistent and comparable method to monitor cryptic reef diversity over space and tim...
Biodiversity PEEK EIMS icon

Biodiversity PEEK EIMS

As a 7th grade body, we are investigating the biodiversity of our area for use in several projects througho...
Browning Central Park Survey Sites icon

Browning Central Park Survey Sites

The areas captured in this survey will be monitored by the Browning School students. 
 May 22nd, ...
Catskill Forest Association icon

Catskill Forest Association

This project is open for members and friends of the Catskill Forest Association and is intended to be used ...
Central Park BioBlitz icon

Central Park BioBlitz

What lives in your backyard? It's a bit harder when your backyard is an 843 acre park with a wide range of ...
ESF Test icon

ESF Test

Flora of Cosmopolis icon

Flora of Cosmopolis

The purpose of this project is to allow SUNY Empire State College students enrolled in the Urban Environmen...
Flora of New York icon

Flora of New York

To document the occurrence and distribution of native and naturalized plant species in New York State.
Flowering Plants: Field Trip Species List icon

Flowering Plants: Field Trip Species List

To identify locations of key vascular plant species from class field trips
Lichen IDC Project 2013 icon

Lichen IDC Project 2013

To analyze Lichen
Macaulay Food Availability UES icon

Macaulay Food Availability UES

To record all the food distributors in the Upper East Side (between 86th and 80th st) and to later quantita...
Monroe County (NY) Biodiversity icon

Monroe County (NY) Biodiversity

Monroe County, on the shores of Lake Ontario at the mouth of the Genesee River, holds the city of Rochester...
Montezuma Audubon Center, NY icon

Montezuma Audubon Center, NY

Plants, animals, fungi and lower life forms* found at the Montezuma Audubon Center located on state land --...


Long before he became the Conservation President, native New Yorker Theodore Roosevelt was an avid naturali...
NY iMapInvasives icon

NY iMapInvasives

This project is for invasive species locations in New York reported by iMapInvasives users. Observations en...
Onondaga Lake Bioblitz icon

Onondaga Lake Bioblitz

From plants to mammals, from fish to birds, the Onondaga Lake BioBlitz is a unique opportunity to explore t...
Sagamore Hill Biodiversity icon

Sagamore Hill Biodiversity

Theodore Roosevelt loved the outdoors, and his home in Oyster Bay, NY. Become an observer of nature like TR...
Staten Island Wildlife icon

Staten Island Wildlife

This project is aimed at gathering observations of all taxa of flora and fauna found on Staten Island, Rich...
The SRMP Expedition icon

The SRMP Expedition

Hello SRMPs,
 This is your opportunity to explore the biodiversity of NYC, New York State, the tr...
Wild Urban NYC (WUN) icon

Wild Urban NYC (WUN)

In the spirit of Citizen Science, and engaging communities to explore, document and interpret their neighbo...
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