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Banded, ringed or otherwise tagged wildlife icon

Banded, ringed or otherwise tagged wildlife

Many wildlife monitoring projects rely on tracking individual animals, this project is to simply group toge...
Banks Peninsula Tui Restoration icon

Banks Peninsula Tui Restoration

The Banks Peninsula Tui Restoration group translocated a total of 72 tui from Maud Island, Marlborough Soun...
Cape Sanctuary icon

Cape Sanctuary

To document the species of Cape Sanctuary, which is a wildlife restoration project established in 2006 by l...
Denniston Plateau, West Coast icon

Denniston Plateau, West Coast

The Denniston Plateau is situated east of Westport on the West Coast. Just south of the Stockton Plateau. ...
Enhancing the Halo icon

Enhancing the Halo

Wouldn’t it be cool if we became the Wildlife Capital of New Zealand? Over the past couple of decades th...
Finding feather's folks icon

Finding feather's folks

So that we can create a species observation from the evidence of feathers left behind.
Hanging Culverts icon

Hanging Culverts

Hanging culverts in streams cause issues for fish migration. This project will keep an inventory of those w...
Hoiho Yellow-eyed Penguin count icon

Hoiho Yellow-eyed Penguin count

Hoiho, or yellow-eyed penguin, is thought to be the world's rarest penguin! Enter observations here! For...
Hurunui Falcon Survey icon

Hurunui Falcon Survey

The aims of this project are two-fold. One is to make Hurunui residents more aware of the special wildlife ...
Invertebrates eating plants in New Zealand icon

Invertebrates eating plants in New Zealand

New Zealand plants are fed on by a large diversity of invertebrate herbivores, many specialised to feed on ...
Invertebrate surveys of Christchurch icon

Invertebrate surveys of Christchurch

This project collects together formal surveys of insects and other invertebrates in the wider Christchurch ...
Kaitorete Spit, Canterbury icon

Kaitorete Spit, Canterbury

Kaitorete Spit is a 25 km-long sand and gravel barrier between Lake Ellesmere/Waihora and the Pacific Ocean...
Kārearea NZ Falcon Count icon

Kārearea NZ Falcon Count

Kārearea, the New Zealand Falcon (Falco novaeseelandiae) is the only remaining bird of prey endemic to New ...
Kaupapa Kererū: Banks Peninsula kereru community count icon

Kaupapa Kererū: Banks Peninsula kereru community count

Watch our video intro on YouTubeHelp us learn about kererū on Te Pataka o Rakaihautū/Banks Peninsula! Kaupa...
Marine Metre Squared icon

Marine Metre Squared

The NZ Marine Studies Centre is encouraging communities to get involved in long term monitoring of the mari...
Neglected observations icon

Neglected observations

A few observations, that cry out for identification, get lost in the wilderness. This project is to go whe...
NZ fantail phases icon

NZ fantail phases

New Zealand's fantails come in two colour schemes, the pied phase birds with their brown bodies and black a...
NZ Kea Count icon

NZ Kea Count

Kea numbers are dropping and they are now a Nationally Endangered species. Finding out how many are left an...
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This is a test project for NZ users only
NZ Southern Islands icon

NZ Southern Islands

Natural History of NZ's southern shelf islands, excluding Macquarie Island; see adventures of Campbell Isla...
Phasmatodea icon


Plot the distribution of New Zealand stick insect (Phasmatodea)species
Plant pathogens in NZ icon

Plant pathogens in NZ

This is a project to share observations and knowledge of microbial diseases of plants. These can be native ...
Plants of Lincoln University icon

Plants of Lincoln University

University campus gardens are often rich in plant species from around the world. Lincoln University's well ...
Polhill Restoration Project icon

Polhill Restoration Project

To restore the dawn chorus to Brooklyn, Aro Valley and Highbury by controlling predators and through second...
Quail Island/Otamahua, Lyttelton Harbour icon

Quail Island/Otamahua, Lyttelton Harbour

Since 1997 dedicated volunteers have worked to restore the native ecology of Otamahua or Quail Island. The ...
Rangitata weeds icon

Rangitata weeds

Broom sightings on the Potts River (and any other locations in the upper Rangitata.
Raranga sites icon

Raranga sites

To identify sites containing species suitable for Raranga. This includes kiekie, flax, pingao and oioi.
Shorebirds of Wellington region icon

Shorebirds of Wellington region

Record sightings of any native shorebirds observed around the coast of the Wellington region from 1 January...
Skulls and bones - New Zealand icon

Skulls and bones - New Zealand

This is a project to document skulls, bones, antlers, and teeth found in the wild in New Zealand. It is ...
Slime Mould icon

Slime Mould

TO SHARE OBSERVATIONS OF SLIME MOULD & TO EXCHANGE SPORES.... After watching the TED talk.. http://www.t...
Smacks Creek Riverbank Reserve icon

Smacks Creek Riverbank Reserve

This is a tiny little reserve with a stream running through it. It is maintained by the Christchurch City C...
The Canterbury Weed-of-the-Month Club icon

The Canterbury Weed-of-the-Month Club

The March 2012 weed-of-the-month is Scotch broom Cytisus scoparius Most months, Environment Canter...
Totara Park icon

Totara Park

This project is designed to capture all aspects of Totara Park which is a large greenspace in the South of ...
Travis Wetland Nature Heritage Park icon

Travis Wetland Nature Heritage Park

Travis Wetland covers 116 hectares of land surrounded by urban subdivision, and was purchased by the Christ...
Wellington native bird nest sites icon

Wellington native bird nest sites

To record known nest sites of native birds in Wellington.
Wellington Pest Animal sightings icon

Wellington Pest Animal sightings

Recording of public sightings of various animal pest species, such as mustelids, rats, cats, possums.
Weta Watch icon

Weta Watch

Weta Watch is a project to record species found in purpose made refuges called weta motels. Weta motels are...
Whio Blue Duck Count icon

Whio Blue Duck Count

Whio or Blue Duck is an iconic New Zealand species found in fast flowing rivers with good water quality. Th...
Wildlife monitoring icon

Wildlife monitoring

Share photographs, results and ideas about monitoring wildlife, anything from tracking tunnels to movement/...
Yellowhammer Dialects icon

Yellowhammer Dialects

While you observe a yellowhammer, why not help the research on its song too? Although yellowhammers are an ...
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