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Texas has nearly 50,000 Lepidoptera observations, nearly 45,000 of which are in the part of the state east of the 100th meridian (our project area). It would be overwhelming for a single person to review all these observations looking for caterpillars to add to the project (which has been our method for other states). In order to make it more manageable, I have divided East Texas into 15 sections, lumping counties with fewer observations & leaving counties with lots of observations as standalone sections. Each section has between 1,000 & 5,000 observations, except for Travis County (home to Austin), which has 7,088 all by itself. We will manage this the same way we have for the states: people can claim sections, post when they have completed them, and I will keep an updated list here at the top. Please keep track of users who have ...more ↓

Posted on January 12, 2017 11:29 AM by eraskin eraskin | 22 comments | Leave a comment
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The goal of this project is to collect observations of caterpillars from the Eastern US, as there is no way to filter observations of caterpillars taxonomically or with other iNaturalist search tools. I hope that this project will eventually become something of a go-to source for caterpillar information, with a repository of photos and locations, and that it will attract a group of members who ...more ↓

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