A giant seahorse spied off the coast of Baja, California

June’s featured seahorse is a giant seahorse (Hippocampus ingens), spied off the coast of Baja, California by iSeahorse user afelix, despite some masterful camouflage. This is the only known Hippocampus species to swim the the West Coast waters of North America, so this specimen was a cinch to identify.
These gentle giants live up to their name, clocking in at a max recorded height of 31 cm. However, H. ingens are only silver medallists when it comes to seahorse size, as H. abdominalis (the bigbelly seahorse) takes the cake with a max recorded height of 35 cm. Narrowly exceeding the length of a foot-long sandwich might not sound like a feat worthy of giant status, but bear in mind that many Hippocampus species hover around 15 ...more ↓

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