Hippocampus breviceps - March's featured sighting

Retired commercial diver (and regular iSeahorse contributor) ken_flan discovered this honey-hued head turner -  a short-head seahorse (Hippocampus breviceps) - off the coast of Victoria, Australia. 
Young short-head seahorses bear a resemblance to young bigbelly seahorses, which inhabit Australian waters as well, but can be distinguished based on their lesser number of trunk rings. Due to their name, the short-head seahorse is also confused with the short-snouted seahorse (H. hippocampus), which is an entirely different species. Short-snouted seahorses are found in Europe, the Mediterranean Sea and parts of Africa, whereas the short-head seahorse is endemic to southern Australia. Endemic species are unique to a defined geographic location so it is particularly important to preserve ...more ↓
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