Sevengill Shark Tracking Project in San Diego

Although this is an all-volunteer, citizen science project, we want to keep the methodology as scientifically current and accurate as possible, while still keeping within the scope and means of a citizen science project. So, here is a summary of the databases and methods used in this long-term (5-10 year) populations dynamics study of the Sevengill Shark (Notorynchus cepedianus).

1. We are not set up for shark tagging, which is both expensive as well as labor intensive and usually requires boats, crew and an affiliation with a marine research institution and grant money to operate.

2. Database #1: The Shark Observation Network. Whether divers enter their data from here on this website, or go directly to, their ‘hard’ data, such as date/time/water temperature, taken from their dive computers, as well as photographs, go into the public database in SON, which is run by Jeffrey J. ...more ↓

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Long-term population dynamics study of Sevengill sharks (Notorynchus cepedianus) in the San Diego area, slated to run 3-5 years, to determine the reason for an apparent increase in the number of encounters between divers and this species beginning in 2010.

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