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  • Scientific Names
    • Gecarcoidea lalandii
    • Hylaeocarcinus humei
    • Limnocarcinus intermedius
    • Pelocarcinus cailloti
    • Pelocarcinus marchei
  • English
    • Purple Crab

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Purple Crab Gecarcoidea lalandii




August 29, 2011
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Description from Wikipedia

Gecarcoidea lalandii is a large species of terrestrial crab. It is dark purple in colour. It has long legs and short pincers. It is nocturnal, and spends most of the day hiding in burrows. Compared to the related G. natalis, G. lalandii is relatively widespread, being found in the Indo-Pacific from the Andaman Islands and eastwards. Adults mainly occur in forest, but can sometimes be found in more open habitats. When carrying eggs, females migrate to...

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