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June 22, 2008 10:20 PM HKT


Insecta: Lepidoptera
Saturniidae, Saturniinae
Samia wangi

Tai Po Kau Headland Conservation Area, Tai Po, Hong Kong

This is a female (fat body and small antennae).

There is a little story to tell about this particular moth. . . .
The species Samia wangi was described and named in 2001 by Ric Peigler and Stefan Naumann as part of their revision of the genus Samia. I had arranged for Prof. Peigler (who visited Hong Kong recently as part of a silk research trip in China) to visit Tai Po Kau with some friends of mine over dinner, and have a moth trap in operation. Fortune was with us, as this beautifully fresh moth turned up at the light - the very first live wild Samia wangi that its describer had ever seen!

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Description from Wikipedia

Samia wangi, the Lesser Atlas Moth, is a species of moth in the Saturniidae family. It is found from Taiwan through northern Vietnam to easternmost Xizang, Sichuan, the far south of Shaanxi and southern Zhejiang.

No range data available.