Globally Near threatened (NT) (Source: IUCN Red List)


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  • Scientific Names
    • Notophthalmus perstriatus
    • Diemictylus viridescens perstriatus
    • Triturus perstriatus
  • English
    • Striped Newt

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Striped Newt Notophthalmus perstriatus




June 18, 2015 11:53 AM EDT


Eft form.

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Description from Wikipedia

The striped newt, Notophthalmus perstriatus, is a species of aquatic salamander native to the Southeastern United States. It is a close relative of the eastern newt, with which it shares territory, and can be distinguished from the latter by the presence of red stripes running down the sides of its back and red spots on its back that lack a black outline.

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Conservation Summary

  • Globally
    Near threatened (NT) (Source: IUCN Red List)
    Imperiled (G2G3) (Source: NatureServe)
    Imperiled. Spotty distribution within a limited range in northern Florida and southern Georgia; often encountered in low densities; quantity and quality of habitat has declined and continues to be threatened by conversion to other uses.
Source: IUCN 2011. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2011.2. . Downloaded on 10 November 2011.
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