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  • Scientific Names
    • Cynopterus sphinx
    • Cynopterus angulatus
    • Cynopterus brachyotis angulatus
    • Cynopterus brachyotis scherzeri
    • Cynopterus marginatus ellitoi
    • Cynopterus sphnx gangeticus
    • Pachysoma brevicaudatum
    • Pteropus marginatus
    • Pteropus pusillus
    • Vespertilio fibulatus
    • Vespertilio sphinx
  • English
    • Greater Short-nosed Fruit Bat
    • Greater Shortnosed Fruit Bat
    • Short-nosed Fruit Bat
    • Short-nosed Indian Fruit Bat

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April 21, 2013


Captured at sunset in temple complex with large trees, in town

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Description from Wikipedia

The greater short-nosed fruit bat or short-nosed Indian fruit bat (Cynopterus sphinx) is a species of megabat in the Pteropodidae family. It is found in South and Southeast Asia.

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