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  • Scientific Names
    • Caenolestidae
  • English
    • Shrew Opossums
    • Caenolestids


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Creative Commons Flickr Photos Tagged "Caenolestidae."

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No one's observed a Shrew Opossums (Family Caenolestidae) .
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Description from Wikipedia

The order Paucituberculata /ˌpɔːsɨˌtjuːbərkjʉˈlɑːtə/ contains the six surviving species of shrew opossum: small, shrew-like marsupials which are confined to the Andes mountains of South America. The order is thought to have diverged from the ancestral marsupial line very early. As recently as 20 million years ago, at least seven genera were in South America. Today, just three genera remain. They live in inaccessible forest and grassland regions of the High Andes. Shrews were entirely absent from...

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