Heads up: this taxon concept is inactive. It has been split into Urocitellus, Spermophilus, Notocitellus, Otospermophilus, Callospermophilus, Ictidomys, Poliocitellus, and Xerospermophilus. View taxonomic changes

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    • Spermophilus
    • Otospermophilus


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Description from Wikipedia

Spermophilus is a genus of ground squirrels in the family Sciuridae. The majority of ground squirrel species, over 40 in total, are usually placed in this genus. However, Spermophilus in the broad sense has been found to be paraphyletic to the certainly distinct prairie dogs, marmots, and antelope squirrels, so it has been split into several genera by Kristofer Helgen and colleagues.

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