All Names

  • English
    • Perfoliate Honeysuckle
  • Scientific Names
    • Lonicera caprifolium
    • Caprifolium germanicum
    • Caprifolium hortense
    • Caprifolium italicum
    • Caprifolium pallidum
    • Caprifolium perfoliatum
    • Caprifolium rotundifolium
    • Caprifolium vulgare
    • Lonicera italica
    • Lonicera pallida
    • Lonicera perfoliata
    • Lonicera rotundifolia
    • Lonicera suavis
    • Periclymenum italicum
    • Periclymenum perfoliatum

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May 14, 2014


germia (Google, OSM)
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Description from Wikipedia

Lonicera caprifolium (goat-leaf honeysuckle, Italian honeysuckle, perfoliate woodbine) is a species of perennial flowering plants in the genus Lonicera of the Caprifoliaceae family. It is native to parts of Europe, and naturalised in South East Britain. It can readily be distinguished from Europe's most common species, Lonicera periclymenum, by its topmost leaves which are perfoliate as the latin name suggests (that is, the stem appears to grow through the centre of the leaf). It is a...

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