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April 24, 2007

Photos / Sounds




March 4, 2006


Boophis sandrae was described by Glaw et al (2010) who remark: "Boophis elenae and B. sandrae have long been confused... Specimens of B. sandrae have been reported as 'B. sp. aff. elenae' by Vences et al. (2006) and by Glaw & Vences (2007:168–169), and as Boophis sp. 22 in Vieites et al. (2009)."

Andreone (pers comm, 2007) identified this specimen from photographs as B. elenae, a species that he described in 1993. However, this was prior to the description of B. sandrae. I attribute the individual here photographed to B. sandrae on the basis of the absence of clearly visible reddish horizontal stripes in the iris (present in B. elenae) and distribution data in Glaw & Vences (2007), which lists B. sp. aff. elenae (=B. sandrae) but not B. elenae as present at Andasibe. This specimen was found in the grounds of Hotel Feon'ny Ala.

Glaw et al (2010) say B. sandrae is distributed at Ranomafana and Andasibe, but note that there is a genetic distinction between the two populations which may amount to those at Andasibe turning out to be an undescribed species.

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