Dan Leavitt

I am generally interested in nature. Lots of birding and herping experience in North America.

Did my PhD research at Texas A&M and have started a new places page here on iNaturalist for my field site the Mescalero Monahans Shinnery Sands . Check it out if you get a chance online or in person. Lots of oil development out there now may be threatening a number of endemics.

Now in Arizona and excited to be learning about the Sonoran desert!

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American Badger
(Taxidea taxus)
Desert Massasauga
(Sistrurus catenatus ssp. edwardsii)
Wislizeni's spectacl...
(Dimorphocarpa wislizeni)
Buckley's Beardtongue
(Penstemon buckleyi)
Havard oak
(Quercus havardii)
Big Sand Tiger Beetle
(Cicindela formosa ssp. rutilovirescens)
Common Porcupine
(Erethizon dorsatum)
Western Hog-nosed Snake
(Heterodon nasicus [inactive])

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