Damien N. Oxier
Director and founder, Arrowhead Reptile Rescue
Small animal clinical veterinary technician since 1996
Wildlife rehabilitator for Ohio Division of Wildlife since 1997
Board Member Tri-State CART County Animal Response Team
Member N-DART National Disaster Animal Response Team
Member CART Exotic Animal Emergency Response Team
Member Butler County DWART Dangerous Wild Animal Response Team
Member National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association
Member International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council

Wildlife rehab permit #50910R ODNR
Wildlife education permit #15-72 ODNR
Wildlife propagation permit #CP20140221113902C ODNR
Wildlife Shelter permit #CB0006BW ODA
Restricted snake permit #CB0006CU ODA
Federal permit #M75156A-1 USFWS

Unless specifically noted as deceased, all reptiles and amphibians posted here were found alive and are being treated by our wildlife rehabilitators for release back into the wild. Locations entered in this system are concealed from public view.

Arrowhead Reptile Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
Help us save wildlife and make a tax deductible donation today! http://arrowheadreptilerescue.org/help/index.html

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