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We're in Croatia for the 61st stop on the iNaturalist World Tour! The top observer, @ribabo, has observations clustered around the city of Karlovac south-west of the capital of Zagreb. The second top observer, @morton1905, has observations clustered around the port city of Rijeka, the third-largest city in Croatia. A fair number of other observers activity is clustered here such as @botanico, @danieleseglie, and @paolapalazzolo. The third top observer, @antonjo has observations clustered around the second-largest city of Split along the coast to the south along with others such as @paul_luap and @missnarjess. Several visitors such as @jakob and @drbh2o have observations up and down the coast of Croatia. @nina_12's observations are clustered around the city of Stinjan in the northwest. @spela focuses on Mediterranean fish and has many observations along the coast. @juke-saps' observations are clustered around the city of Ogulin and @ivanhumljani's observations are clustered in the eastern part of the country.

The pattern I described yesterday for Ireland seems to apply here as well: observations ramped up in the summer of 2018 to around 1,000 observations per month and has since doubled to around 2,000 observations per month this summer. Its interesting that most of the top observers seem to be Croatian residents, as opposed to visitors. @ribabo, with the NGO Amateur scientists (Znanstvenici amateri), began organizing participation in the City Nature Project this year with events in Zagreb and Karlovac.

In addition to being the top observer in Croatia, @ribabo is also the top identifier and leads in plant, insect, and fungi identifications. @danieleseglie, based in Italy, leads in amphibian and reptile identifications. It's interesting that there are more amphibian and reptile observations in Croatia than bird observations. @ldacosta and @khaledayyach are neck-and-neck for most bird identifications. Thank you to all the other top identifiers of Croatian observations such as @jakob and @simontonge!

What can we do to help the Croatian community on iNaturalist thrive? Please share your thoughts below or on this forum thread

@ribabo @morton1905 @antonjo @jakob @botanico @drbh2o @nina_12 @danieleseglie @ldacosta @simontonge

We’ll be back tomorrow in Vietnam!

Posted by loarie loarie, August 23, 2019 18:29



nice to see that I´m making an impact in Croatia and getting mentioned here, thou I´m only a regular visitor.
I´ll be back soon and I´ll try to reach for a spot in the Top10 .

Posted by paul_luap 3 months ago (Flag)

I was just there and have a ton of observations from Split and Krka Falls. I can't wait to get home and start going through them.

Posted by jbroadhead 3 months ago (Flag)

This year NGO Amateur scientists (Znanstvenici amateri) tried to organize a CNC, but we didn't have good response, because our target group was students and they were on spring break so teachers couldn't go with them to make observations. Around 200 schools and institutions was notified, but only few teachers participated. We had people from other cities that were observing, but there observation didn't count because we only included Zagreb and Karlovac.
For next year CNC we are starting our campaign in September so we are expecting much better situation.

Currently there aren't any institution that uses Inat data, but we want to change that, for example we think that this is good platform for tracking invasive species.

I am very happy that there is big increase in using Inaturalist, because I think that this is perfect way to show people that there is big biodiversity around them, and that we must work on protection of our environment if we want to keep that.

I also want to thank @borisb @skejo and @amzamz for helping in identification of many insects.

Posted by ribabo 3 months ago (Flag)

Thank you for mentioning me @loarie ! It is good to know I can contribute, however modest. It is mostly hobby for me, but it would be nice to see more people participate, especially if it could be of use for scientific community. Maybe a little more appearing in local media could help for spreading the word about iNaturalist. Personally, I tell to people around me who may be interested, and mention it from time to time in Facebok groups about entomology, botany, herpetology..

Posted by antonjo 3 months ago (Flag)

Thanks for the feedback @antonjo and @ribabo. @antonjo, if there's anything we can do to help you spread the world through media and/or Facebook please let us know. @ribabo thanks for reminding us about CNC - I've updated the post and thanks so much for your help coordinating this effort!

Posted by loarie 3 months ago (Flag)

You can write in some of these (mostly Croatian) groups and mention iNaturalist: insects and arachnids butterflies birds reptiles, amphibians malacology
It would be great if some of national tv houses ( could make a reportage about iNat

Posted by antonjo 3 months ago (Flag)

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