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New Caledonia the 102nd stop on the iNaturalist World Tour. @lisa_bennett is the top observer and unusually has observations clustered on Ouvéa Island, one of the smaller Loyalty Islands. @harryrosenthal also has observations clustered on the Loyalty Islands. Most of the other top observers have observations on the largest island of Grande Terre. Many top observers such as @damienbr have observations clustered around the capital of Nouméa. Other top observers on Grande Terre include @vmoser,, @leonperrie, @jakob, @freddesmoulins, @lennarthud, @nataliemhowe, and @mazancourt.

The graph of observations per month shows an increasing since mid 2018.

@maractwin is the top identifier and leads in fish. @jakob leads in insects and @whimbrelbirder leads in birds, @phelsumas4life leads in other animals, @leonperrie leads in plants and @susanhewitt leads in mollusks. Thanks to other identifiers such as @rfoster.

What can we do to get more people in New Caledonia using iNaturalist? Please share your thoughts below or on this forum thread.

@lisa_bennett @damienbr @leonperrie @vmoser @jakob @freddesmoulins @maractwin @whimbrelbirder @rfoster @phelsumas4life

We’ll be back tomorrow in Paraguay!

Posted by loarie loarie, October 04, 2019 07:40



The Kanak flag ( gives a distinctive look for New Caledonia.

Posted by leonperrie 15 days ago (Flag)

Ah thanks @leonperrie not sure why I missed that one, I've updated the announcement

Posted by loarie 14 days ago (Flag)

I just got a geography lesson. Have never heard of New Caledonia.

Posted by shauns 14 days ago (Flag)

I have only been to New Caledonia twice, once as a student on a French exchange, and my recent one week getaway trip to Ouvèa. I’m a bit shocked that a week’s worth of observations makes me the top observer for the whole country! I was hoping to spend lots of time snorkeling, but unfortunately the weather was a bit rubbish. For people interested in biodiversity, NC is a great place to visit; it has high levels of endemism.
I’m not sure how you’d increase the number of people using iNaturalist in New Caledonia. There appears to be the beginnings of some very basic eco-tourism on Ouvèa, especially around the endemic parakeet, so perhaps if people in that industry could be encouraged to use the site as a way to record and promote their local biodiversity and it would encourage more responsible tourism and protection for the local flora and fauna.

Posted by lisa_bennett 13 days ago (Flag)

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