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Cameroon is the 111th stop on the iNaturalist World Tour. The top observer is @aristidetakoukam with many observations (mostly fish) up and down the coast of Cameroon. @johnnybirder's observations are clustered near Korup National Park while @markuslilje's observations are clustered in the western and northern parts of the country. @irida73ceae has observations near Banyo, @elisebakker near Bouba National Park and @jakob and @markusgmeiner near Lobeke National Park. Other top observers include @muir, @dan_cawley, and @spellecchias. @dan_cawley's observations are near the capital of Yaoundé where he works at the Rain Forest International school.

the number of observations per week has been ramping up since 2017.

@esant is the top identifier and leads in fish IDs. Fish are the top observation category thanks to all the contributions from @aristidetakoukam. As with many African countries, @jakob leads in insects, @johnnybirder in birds, and @marcoschmidtffm in plants as top identifiers. Other top identifiers include @joshuagsmith and @clinton

What can we do to get more people in Cameroon using iNaturalist? Please share your thoughts below or on this forum thread.

@aristidetakoukam @johnnybirder @markuslilje @irida73ceae @elisebakker @jakob @muir @esant @joshuagsmith @clinton

We’ll be back tomorrow in the Jordan!

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FYI - There hasn't been an update of the World Tour page at since Uruguay. Not sure what is going on there.....

Posted by arnel about 1 month ago (Flag)

should be all caught up and back on schedule

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Posted by arnel about 1 month ago (Flag)

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