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It's Week 20 of the iNaturalist World Tour. We've updated the graphs to include data from October. The following countries visited so far have moved up in rankings: India, Argentina, Japan, Austria, Greece, Kenya, Honduras, Algeria, Croatia, Benin, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Uganda, Kazakstan, Guam, Egypt, Malawi, New Caledonia, Bonaire, El Salvador, Curacao, Jordan, Angola, Nigeria, Ghana, Laos, and Kosovo. Thanks for bearing with us last week when we had no power here in Northern California. I also mentioned that as we get into the less visited/smaller countries (ie numbers 134-252) we were going to investigate a less time intensive way to continue this second half of the World Tour. It turns out that the abbreviated format we accidentally piloted last week worked well so I think we'll stick with that. I'd encourage people to add any noteworthy details we may leave out due to this abbreviated format in the comments below each post. This week we'll visit Mongolia and East Timor in Asia, French Guiana in Latin America, Kuwait in the Middle East, Macedonia in Europe, the Republic of Congo in Africa and Mauritius near Madagascar.

We begin in Mongolia. Mongolia sits north of China and south of Russia with Kazakstan to the west. The top 10 observers are @gonodactylus, @amarzee, @akilee, @marilyn20, @seasav, @sage_and_seaweed, @janeyd, @yuchingtam, @mfaucher, and @jnorris2.

The number of observations per month is very seasonal peaking in 2019.

The top 5 identifiers are @kastani, @vandandorj, @rajibmaulick, @john8, and @jbroadhead.

What can we do to improve iNaturalist in Mongolia? Please share your thoughts below.

@gonodactylus @amarzee @akilee @marilyn20 @seasav @kastani @vandandorj @rajibmaulick @john8 @jbroadhead

We’ll be back tomorrow in French Guiana!

Posted by loarie loarie, November 05, 2019 00:55



I think you left a small bit from a previous article in the location. :D

Posted by tanyuu about 1 year ago (Flag)

thanks - fixed!

Posted by loarie about 1 year ago (Flag)

Mauritius is located on the wrong continent :)

Posted by carnifex about 1 year ago (Flag)

Nothing wrong with the link, but the spelling of the link text is missing an n.

Posted by kitty12 about 1 year ago (Flag)

LOL... this is what I get for coarse-IDing Unknowns...
It seems my 3 IDs have been recently surpassed by actual-mycologist @epopov .
Seeing as I can hardy tell a gilled shroom from a sac fungus, the honour should really be his, haha.

Posted by trh_blue about 1 year ago (Flag)

thanks @carnifex and @kitty12 - fixed

Posted by loarie about 1 year ago (Flag)

Thanks for mentioning my records. Just for context: I was there in a conservation knowledge exchange expedition and tracking & monitoring the Przewalski's horse... Not surprisingly, I had such a great time! And of course, tracking and monitoring gave me an opportunity to look around a record the biodiversity that I was seeing. Those harsh steppes and the Gobi desert were such a treat! :-)

Posted by akilee about 1 year ago (Flag)

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