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It's Week 22 of the iNaturalist World Tour. This week we'll visit. Lebanon in the Mediterranean region, three islands: Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean, Cook Islands in the South Pacific, and Aruba in the Caribbean. And three countries in Africa: Rwanda, Burkina Faso, and Gabon.

We begin in Lebanon. Lebanon is located with Israel to the south and Syria to the north and east. The top 10 observers are @epopov, @pintail, @subhashc, @marcelfinlay, @supergan, @rhabdornis, @jorgejuanrueda, @tzmyanmar1, @seasav, and @bryanjbd.

The number of observations per month jumped up in 2019.

The top 5 identifiers are @sethmiller, @rajibmaulick, @kokhuitan, @subirshakya, and @briangooding

What can we do to improve iNaturalist in Lebanon? Please share your thoughts below.

@mohammadm @mortdork @vmoser @eli_talh @skyrk @ronf @fragmansapir @ariel-shamir @cliygh-and-mia @sammyboy2059

Next stop is Christmas Island!

Posted by loarie loarie, November 19, 2019 18:28



Uh! I am so thrilled to be included on the map of top observers in Lebanon! I don't see my name, however, on the list of top observers in Lebanon, but maybe because I live in Kuwait. Anyhow, I am so excited and honored, and I'd love to contribute so much more, but unfortunately, I don't live in Lebanon. I visit the country frequently and I will make this a top activity whenever I am there.
Anything else, I'd be glad to be part of.

Thank you
Mohammad Marafi

Posted by mohammadm 22 days ago (Flag)

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