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Christmas Island is the 149th stop on the iNaturalist World Tour. Christmas Island is a territory of Australia located in the Indian ocean just south of Java.. The vast majority of observations from Christmas Island are from @hix who is a diving enthusiast. The remaining 7 observers from Christmas Island are @sea-kangaroo, @budak, @johnboy, @brettvercoe, @g33k5p34k, @regineandersen, and @dpom.

The number of observations per month jumped up in 2016.

The top 5 identifiers are @maractwin, @sascha_schulz, @markmcg, @henrick, and @kemper.

What can we do to get more people in Christmas Island using iNaturalist? Please share your thoughts below.

@hix @sea-kangaroo @budak @johnboy @brettvercoe @maractwin @sascha_schulz @markmcg @henrick @kemper

Next stop is Cook Islands!

Posted by loarie loarie, November 21, 2019 19:34



Sadly for all of us @hix is no longer living on Christmas Island.

Posted by markmcg 20 days ago (Flag)

And nobody is sadder than me! :(
November 2016 is when I joined iNaturalist and the recently formed Australian Fishes project, and having been on the island for a year I had 12 months backlog of images to upload!

Posted by hix 20 days ago (Flag)

I've really enjoy your obs from the island @hix!

Posted by loarie 19 days ago (Flag)

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