The following species were identified by Tom Carlsberg and the California Lichen Society in October, 2017:

# Taxon Notes
1 Ahtiana sphaerosporella: On dead down conifer top in road on the way back Saturday.
16 Candelariella rosulans
13 Cyphelium pinicola: Black & yellow "pin" lichen on standing debarked snags in meadow
8 Dimelaena thysanota
5 Hypogymnia imshaugii: One sad thallus
17 Hysteraceae: non-lichenized
4 Letharia columbiana
3 Letharia vulpina
7 Mycocalicium subtile : Black pin lichen in meadow, and again at first Carpenter Ridge stop, near cars
6 Nodobryoria abbreviata: One sad thallus
12 Physcia dubia
2 Pseudephebe miniscula: Internodes measured by JJ and Belinda
15 Rhizocarpon macrosporum
14 Rhizoplaca chrysoleuca
19 Rhizoplaca melanophthalma
9 Umbilicaria phaea: Plain brown
10 Umbilicaria polaris
11 Umbilicaria virginis: With pink rhizines
18 Xanthoria polycarpa: On concrete works near fish house

Trowbridge, 1975: Amanita, Boletus, Cortinarius, Clitocybe, Entoloma, Gomphidius, Hebeloma, Hygrophorus, Lepiota, Melanoleuca, Nematoloma, Omphalina, Ramaria, Suillus, Tricholoma, Xeromphalina.

Fungi Including Lichens - Photo (c) Harry Harms, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC-SA) This is a Check list for Fungi Including Lichens (Kingdom Fungi)
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Source: Trowbridge, B. A.: Plants of Upper Sagehen Creek Drainage Basin, Nevada County, CA. SFSU Masters, 1975.
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