Photos / Sounds


Fisher Pekania pennanti




May 20, 2020 11:02 AM EDT


I heard some sort of weird whining mixed with a commotion up in some of the trees.

There, on a very tall oak up close to the crown, was a sort of an opening in the main trunk. And there was a big weasel like mammal (fisher cat) trying to keep something from getting out of that opening. A little muzzle popped and a kit showed up. The bigger one (I assume the mother) pushed the little one 'inside', but then she decided that they had to move. I think she grabbed it in her mouth, and she moved along a branch to another location where maybe there is another potential home. Tough to make sense of what was happening at this distance...

The last pic is the original opening. The 2 previous to last are of the kit I think. In one of the pic, you can make sense of the mother and the smaller one. Blurry - sorry: my main camera broke a few weeks ago, and I am left with a slow backup camera. Did my best...

NB: Seen at the Middlesex Fells. Geolocation obscured to give those 2 some privacy.