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Watsonias Genus Watsonia




December 24, 2017 12:38 PM SAST


Not Watsonia zeyheri Too many leaves.

I finally got Goldblatt's "The Genus Watsonia", which I thought would help, but it didn't.
Both he and the Stellenbosch Guide, describe Watsonia zeyheri as having approximately 4 leaves, the lower three basal and the 4th inserted on the lower part of the stem. Also the anthers are above the stigma which doesn't seem to be the case in the drawing of Watsonia Zeyheri and I think the stamens are declinate, but a beetle ate the stamens on the one flower one, and the one I took a picture of is not very clear.

But zeyheri seems to be the only one in the area which is salmon coloured, not red or pink.

So sadly, i am none the wiser, and leave it to someone else to identify (deep sigh)!

Location is not going to help either, because it was a single bulb and seems to have been washed down onto the road reserve (although in a damp spot).