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apple (Malus domestica) seanblaney Thu, 25 Jan 2018 16:40:13 +0000

should Malus pumila and M. x domestica both be offered? Not for Canada, according to VASCAN


Was swapped.


There are three flags pertaining to this issue:

According to POWO, Malus pumila is a synonym of Malus domestica (not Malus × domestica).

We should be offering only one possibility, and the logical one is Malus domestica, if we are to follow POWO. There are 731 observations of M. ×domestica and 2,023 obs of M. pumila, so a little discussion would be useful.

I propose merging both M. pumila and M. ×domestica into a new Malus domestica, unless the preference is to edit the existing taxon name for M. ×domestica and merging M. pumila into it.

Posted by mftasp over 2 years ago (Flag)

Thanks @mftasp! Malus domestica (incl. M. pumila + M. x domestica) sounds good to me. I am not sure how to make this happen.

Posted by seanblaney over 2 years ago (Flag)

I'm happy to draft the taxon merge, but we should see first if there are more people who'd like to chip in.

Posted by mftasp over 2 years ago (Flag)

@rowan_hindmarsh_walls or @loarie can you please edit this taxon name to remove the hybrid symbol, following Plants of the World Online?

Malus domestica Borkh. (1803), when proposed as a replacement name for Pyrus malus L. (1753), was superfluous for Malus communis Desf. (1798). Qian & al.’s (Taxon 59: 650-652. 2010) proposal to treat the name M. domestica as a new combination and to conserve it (against M. pumila, M. communis, M. frutescens, and Pyrus dioica) was approved at the Shenzhen Botanical Congress held in Jul 2017 (see Taxon 66: 1238. 2017)
Posted by bouteloua over 2 years ago (Flag)

Thanks @bouteloua

Posted by mftasp over 2 years ago (Flag)

@loarie this is a pretty big taxon change - (6000 obs on the input taxon)

can you edit the output taxon to remove the hybrid symbol and commit the change when it makes sense for load on the server?

Posted by bouteloua about 1 year ago (Flag)

first part done

Posted by loarie about 1 year ago (Flag)

Can we start this process up again? @jaquiring flagged M. pumila again today, so this is still an issue.

Posted by zdanko 6 months ago (Flag)

2.5 years and this issue hasn't been resolved? I learned it as M. pumila and that M. domestica is a synonym. Don't have a problem merging other way though but these are definitely synonyms and should be merged.

Posted by alrekur_kleinsasser 3 months ago (Flag)

Just committed and will watch to see how long it churns for

Posted by loarie 3 months ago (Flag)

Already moved 2000 observations so far.

Posted by zdanko 3 months ago (Flag)

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