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loarie desert bitterbrush (Purshia glandulosa) bouteloua Thu, 19 Jul 2018 21:25:07 +0000

Purshia glandulosa and Purshia tridentata var. glandulosa are both active taxa on iNaturalist


Followed POWO


Posted by bouteloua almost 4 years ago (Flag)

Technically I'm sure you are right, but I can't bring myself to endorse it based on many years of field observation to the contrary. Sometimes Calflora and Jepson Manual just don't have it right. But do what you have to, and I'll follow it and just paste in a standard comment about what my field observations show every time I ID the taxon... ;-)

Posted by jdmore almost 4 years ago (Flag)

Following up on this post-POWO adoption, it looks like Purshia glandulosa at species rank is the name POWO would have us follow, barring any recommended deviation.

I certainly won't be recommending such a deviation based on my long field experience with the species and its relatives. There is also one recent North American reference (Intermountain Flora) that considers P. glandulosa a separate species. My own reasons for considering Purshia glandulosa a separate species are scattered through the many comments I have left on various observations.

Currently there are 48 observations under Purshia glandulosa, and 19 under P. tridentata var. glandulosa.

I will leave it there for you to resolve further, since I have a clear bias toward the POWO treatment.

Posted by jdmore over 3 years ago (Flag)

going with POWO sounds great ;)

Posted by bouteloua over 3 years ago (Flag)

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