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Grasshoppers, Locusts, and Allies (Suborder Caelifera) loarie Wed, 08 Aug 2018 15:28:22 +0000

compared with OSF

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@bouteloua et al. I did a comparison with OSF and here are the taxa that are in iNat but not in Orthoptera Species File if you want to investigate any Trimerotropis species-a Trimerotropis pallidipennis-b Trimerotropis aldeana Xanthippus sierra Conozoa rebellius Heliastus speciosa Arphia difficilis Acrotylus petruelis Circotettix splendidus Derotmema haydeni Trilophidia japonica Trepidulus haydeni Psinidia amplicornis Psinidia eucerata Psinidia pardalina Bryodema luctuosum Acrotylus hottentottus Melanoplus frigidus Melanoplus geniculatus Melanoplus dealbatus Melanoplus deletor Melanoplus harrisi Melanoplus jucundus Melanoplus kennicotti Melanoplus marshalli Melanoplus militaris Paroxya clavuliger Melanoplus pinctus Melanoplus variegatus Melanoplus artemesiae Melanoplus australis Aptenopedes aptera Netrosoma fusiformis Necaxacris moctezumae Phaedrotettix annulicornis Sinaloa behrensi Phaedrotettix coloradus Eozubovskya Aptenopedes hubbelli Aptenopedes nigropicta Aptenopedes robusta Campylacantha acutipennis

Posted by loarie almost 3 years ago (Flag)
Thumb Campylacantha vivax Eotettix davisi Eotettix quercicola Parapodisma tanbaensis Odontopodisma schmidti Prumna hayachinensis Eozubovskya banatica Ronderosia bergi Aztecacris gloriosus Chibchacris bistrigata Conalcaea truncatipennis Pedies variabilis Perixerus laevis Perixerus variabilis Barytettix humphreysi Glyptobothrus yersini Glyptobothrus mollis Dnopherulaini Phlibostroma nebrascensis Omocestus viridulum Bruneria alticola Xeracris minimus Psoloessa salina Cordillacris apache Eupnigodes megacephala Aulacobothrus dorsatas Crucinotacris cruciata Silvitettix rhachycoryphus Silvitettix thalassinus Rhammatocerus excelsus Cordillacris affinis Brachycrotaphus buttneri Pseudogmothela stauronotus Trauliini Coryphistini Acrida hungarica Chondracis rosea Alectrolophus Schistocerca emarginata Stolziini Bryophyma punctata Anacridium melanorhoden Phaulacridium otagense Carydana catinata Carydana caudelli Carydana chirura Carydana cultricerca Carydana durangensis Carydana falcata Carydana gladiador Carydana oreoeca Carydana pollicifera Carydana serrifera Carydana tauriformis Carydana tridactyla Carydana emarginata Carydana mexicana Carydana pulchra Carydana poecila Eupropacris coeruleus Arminda canariensis Cardeniopsis nigropunctatus

Posted by loarie almost 3 years ago (Flag)

Any preferred protocol / approach if one of these is in BugGuide ? For example, Melanoplus frigidus is documented by BugGuide.

Which one of the sources takes precedence ?

If it is BugGuide, do you want us to simply delete the flag ?

Posted by cmcheatle almost 3 years ago (Flag)

if we can fix the noncontroversial ones, it would be good to have broader discussions about the controversial ones and if OSF is 'behind' bring them to the attention of OSF

Posted by loarie almost 3 years ago (Flag)

@brandonwoo here's the list

Posted by maxkirsch almost 3 years ago (Flag)

yes curious to hear your thoughts here @brandonwoo specifically on bugguide / OSF discrepancies

Posted by loarie almost 3 years ago (Flag)

I noticed this issue with the phasmid species file--sometimes an old synonym will be listed somewhere on the website, but not included formally in their database as an invalid or unaccepted synonym. But you can find them by searching Google on their website, e.g. Melanoplus militaris

Edit to add: (IMO:) I don't think we should be following BugGuide for taxa that have better-curated taxonomies elsewhere.

Posted by bouteloua almost 3 years ago (Flag)

I would have said the same thing as @bouteloua - OSF as well as the other 'species file' websites sometimes have synonyms listed as full species, or other somewhat confusing things like that. It usually follows whatever the most recent taxonomic papers are which can lead to some mix ups. Some changes I don't necessarily agree with - for instance Orocharis as a subgenus of Hapithus (IMO these are clearly different genera) - but this is mostly a matter of opinion.

The BugGuide Orthoptera taxonomy primarily follows OSF, but since it has mostly been curated by David Ferguson in the past, he has left certain taxonomies as they were (e.g. Nebulatettix within Encoptolophus), or changed other things (Chortophaga australior = C. viridifasciata australior) based on what he believes to be correct. He has also erected quite a few 'no taxon' pages for things that are unidentifiable (like nymphs of Scudderia) or for species complexes (like the Melanoplus viridipes species group). Sometimes he has made new pages like the 'Trimerotropis pallidipennis-b' for a species that has not been described yet (thus isn't on OSF). I generally agree with him on most points, particularly with the melanoplinae and oedipodinae, since he has had a lot of field experience with those groups.

As one example, take a look under 'explanation of names' for Xanthippus sierra at bugguide:

In a quick glance at the list of names above I see a few that are obviously just misspellings, and a few that David Ferguson at Bugguide treats differently than OSF. I also see a few that OSF treats one way, but I would treat a different way.

This is all to say that there's no easy fix and that taxonomy is always evolving :)

Posted by brandonwoo almost 3 years ago (Flag)

Kind of related, kind of not, but might be of interest. If you listen at all to podcasts, the Guardian Science Weekly episode this week covered the question of issues in taxonomic naming :

Posted by cmcheatle almost 3 years ago (Flag)

Well for Xanthippus sierra I can quote from David Ferguson's comments at BugGuide: "This species has been lumped into the concept of Cratypedes lateritius [on OSF], but differs in the environment which it favors, is colored differently, and occurs as adult after spring". So they are kept distinct from C. lateritius on BugGuide - not sure if we should do the same here.

For Trimerotropis species-a I again quote from Bugguide: "This species is not unknown. In fact it is well documented in the literature; however, always under incorrect names. It has not received a name of it's own probably because of confusion with two other species"

Same general thing for Trimerotropis pallidipennis-b - these are things that are recognized as distinct, but nobody has given them an official name yet. I think we should continue to keep those 2 separate.

Posted by brandonwoo almost 3 years ago (Flag)

Anything I can do to help resolve these remaining flags or any other taxonomic issues left affecting Caelifera?

Posted by bobby23 almost 2 years ago (Flag)

As per the rest of the flags that are not in OSF, here's the species, the source and reason.

Xanthippus sierra -- BugGuide; deviation from OSF
Circotetix splendidus -- BugGuide; deviation from OSF
Trimerotropis species-a -- BugGuide; undescribed species
Trimerotropis pallidipennis-b -- BugGuide; undescribed species
Ornebius kermadecensis -- none (temporary name?); undescribed species
Hemiandrus st1 -- none (fake name?); undescribed species
Malgasia afenina -- NCBI; nomen dubium
Malgasia kelikely -- NCBI; nomen dubium
Malgasia mahafaly -- NCBI; nomen dubium
Malgasia merina -- NCBI; nomen dubium
Malgasia sihanaka -- NCBI; nomen dubium
Hemiandrus superbus -- misspelling; see taxon swap
Ectatoderus mexicanus -- none; might be Ornebius mexicanus from adjacent genus but no paper to support it.
Ectatoderus distinctus -- none

If you want my opinion on the flags, all BugGuide deviations should remain due to the reputation of David Ferguson in which it sounds many iNat Orthopterans agree. Other than that, undescribed species should not be added. Doubtful names (Malgasia) should all be inactivated. The last two, I'm undecided. Thoughts?

Posted by birdwhisperer 4 months ago (Flag)

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