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Siberian squill (Othocallis siberica) bouteloua Sat, 01 Sep 2018 15:56:21 +0000

treated as Scilla siberica in POWO, please discuss before swapping


see comments



easiest (and thus my preference) would be to go with POWO. If we want to deviate - how should that be structured?

Posted by loarie over 1 year ago (Flag)

Scilla sibirica is also preferred in Flora of North America as well as Powo, and I don't see any reason not to commit to the change.

Posted by elacroix-carignan 6 months ago (Flag)
Posted by loarie 6 months ago (Flag)

Othocallis (among others) is retrieved as a separate genus in the molecular analysis 'Phylogenetics of Hyacinthaceae Based on Plastid DNA Sequences', Martin Pfosser and Franz Speta, Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden Vol. 86, No. 4 (Autumn, 1999), pp. 852-875.
No other paper since then has refuted these results.

Posted by julian41 6 months ago (Flag)

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