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Cricket and Chorus Frogs (Subfamily Acridinae) jakob Mon, 07 Jan 2019 20:56:53 +0000

homonymy with orthopteran subfamily


see commetns


The identical name is used for a subfamily of Hylidae (anurans) and Acrididae (orthopterans), which is not permitted under the Zoological Code.

This paper proposes to use Acrisinae for the hylid subfamily, and I suggest to adopt this use:

Posted by jakob almost 3 years ago (Flag)
Posted by bobby23 almost 3 years ago (Flag)

has anyone tried emailing Darrell Frost at Amphibian Species of the World? he might make that change - I can ask

Posted by loarie almost 3 years ago (Flag)

Please do.

Posted by jakob almost 3 years ago (Flag)

Response from Darrell Frost: "As for Acridinae/Acrisinae, Jay Savage and I have a petition in front of the ICZN, agreeing with Dubois et al. (a pretty rare event). I was talking to Jay a couple of weeks ago and he mentioned that the entomologists are now involved so god nose how long it will take to resolve. — Darrel"

I guess this means we wait? I'll close this issue for now

Posted by loarie almost 2 years ago (Flag)

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