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Empetrum caucasicum convallaria1128 Thu, 05 Sep 2019 08:07:33 +0000

it's a subspecies of E. nigrum


taxonomic swap added



Tagging observers and identifiers. Pleae comment.
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Posted by bodofzt 9 months ago (Flag)

Sorry. I had no time last week and couldn't comment the flag. When I determined Empetrum from the Caucasus, I simply based on the last regional Floras, such as "Caucasian flora conspectus" (2012), Dagestan flora conspectus (2009 by @ramazan_murtazaliev), "Vascular plants of Karatchaevo-Tcherkessia (2015, with the note that the staus is doubtful)

Posted by julia_shner 9 months ago (Flag)
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