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northern seaside goldenrod (Solidago sempervirens) bouteloua Sat, 16 Nov 2019 15:08:20 +0000

needs to be split

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From @astrobirder:

"There's a broad overlap zone between the two (MA to VA) but south of VA all Seaside Goldenrods should be S. mexicana and the ones north of MA (and inland in the Northeast) should be S. sempervirens. Is it possible to switch the ones south of the overlap zone to S. mexicana? The overlap zone is going to be a bit messy since the two species are pretty similar (separated by the number of flower rays and other flower details), but they're both in the subsection Maritimae, so the overlap observations could be set to that to make cleaning up the records a bit easier.

here's the eFloras key to the two species (they have them still at subspecies):"

Posted by bouteloua about 1 year ago (Flag)

I have created the sectional and subsectional taxa for Solidago based on Semple's web page:

Maritimae is now fully populated (although we still have a few things at infraspecific rank that Semple separates as species), so the swap as proposed here can go forward by creating atlases for both taxa. I will work on placing other Solidago species into the correct subsection.

Posted by choess about 1 year ago (Flag)

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