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Knotweed Leaf Beetle (Gastrophysa polygoni) bazwal Mon, 21 Dec 2020 19:12:33 +0000

the English common name has a typo: it should be Knotweed (i.e. Polygonaceae)


fixed name



I just noticed that the common name "Knotweed Leaf Beetle" is already used for Gallerucida bifasciata. The name "Knotwood Leaf Beetle" seems to have been mistranslated from the German "Knöterich blattkäfer".

I can't find any obvious evidence online that Gastrophysa polygoni has a common name in English - so perhaps it should just be removed.

Posted by bazwal 2 months ago (Flag)

fixed (fyi @bobby23, who added the name - do you know where "knotwood" originated?)

Posted by bouteloua 2 months ago (Flag)


"Knotwood" was a mistake on my part. I meant to type "knotweed". I try to locate common names for a lot of animal species and I occasionally make a mistake. Sorry about that.

I believe "Knotweed Leaf Beetle" is a valid name, and it is more commonly applied to Gastrophysa polygoni than it is to Gallerucida bifasciata, as evident in its use in these references:

Posted by bobby23 2 months ago (Flag)


Posted by bouteloua 2 months ago (Flag)

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