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loarie hairy hawkweed (Hieracium longipilum) bouteloua Sat, 23 Jan 2021 20:08:42 +0000

syn in POWO

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POWO calls this Pilosella longipila:

VASCAN accepts Hieracium and Pilosella as split, but it puts longipilum under Hieracium instead of Pilosella. Same situation with Weakley 2020.

Similar to some other cases:
Hieracium albiflorum -
Hieracium scouleri -
Hieracium venosum -

Any insight on why POWO would be putting this in Pilosella @whiteoak?

Posted by bouteloua 4 months ago (Flag)

I'm poking around in the literature, and finding no basis for treating this batch of species -- all of which are in subgenus Chionoracium -- as part of Pilosella. Most of the recent work on Hieracium sensu lato has been in Europe, and hasn't sampled these North American taxa (or has sampled them minimally), but what work has been done suggests that Chionoracium is sister to Hieracium s.s. (not to Pilosella), and should either be included in Hieracium or (probably) treated as a genus of its own.

Posted by whiteoak 4 months ago (Flag)

Thanks for looking into it - I came up short too. I sent a message to POWO asking for clarification and for now I'll wire these up as deviations from POWO.

Posted by bouteloua 4 months ago (Flag)

Rafaël got back to me in 9 minutes lol

He says:

Yes, this is a big error in the CoL data we imported.
I changed them all and should be on the next POWO refresh.
Pilosella is a strictly Euro-Med genus.

I think POWO is refreshed weekly. I'll set a reminder to check back in next week. :)

Posted by bouteloua 4 months ago (Flag)

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