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Squat Anemone Shrimp (Thor amboinensis) joe_fish Wed, 22 Sep 2021 04:59:36 +0000

West Atlantic population is now T. dicaprio


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Etymology. This beautiful and charismatic new species of Thor is named after the well-known actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio for his continuous engagement in the protection of biodiversity (including
coral reefs and other tropical marine habitats) through various conservation projects, and for bringing more attention
to the catastrophic effects of the global climate change. Used as a noun in apposition.

Common names suggested. Leonardo DiCaprio’s sexy shrimp; banded-antennae squat shrimp.

Type locality. Saint Martin, French Antilles (collection locality of the holotype).

Distribution. West Atlantic: throughout Caribbean Sea, with material and/or photographic records from Colombia (Santa Marta), Panama (Bocas del Toro), Honduras (Utila), Belize, Mexico (e.g. Cozumel), Cuba (Isla de la
Juventud), Cayman Islands, US Virgin Islands, Antigua, Saint Martin, Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Barbados, Tobago, Bonaire and Curaçao; Gulf of Mexico (Flower Garden Banks off Texas); southern Florida (including
Florida Keys); Bahamas (Grand Bahama); Bermuda; Brazil (North Chain, Fernando de Noronha Chain, Trindade e
Martim Vaz) (e.g. Chace 1972; Herrnkind et al. 1976; Criales 1984; Sterrer 1986; Wicksten 2005a, 2005b; Coelho
Filho 2006; Felder et al. 2009; Baeza & Piantoni 2010; Briones-Fourzán et al. 2012; De Grave & Anker 2017; Tavares et al. 2017; Titus et al. 2018; Poupin 2018 and references therein; all as T. amboinensis; present study).

Posted by joe_fish 8 months ago (Flag)
Posted by joe_fish 8 months ago (Flag)

not in WoRMs yet, I'd prefer we wait until they update

Posted by loarie 8 months ago (Flag)

Looks like its now in WoRMs - what about the Canary Island observations? Still Thor amboinensis?

Posted by loarie 7 months ago (Flag)

it's an undescribed species, so I guess leave it as amboinensis for now. it lacks the diagnostic banded antennae of Mr. DiCaprio's shrimp

Posted by joe_fish 7 months ago (Flag)

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