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Red cod (Pseudophycis bachus) rfoster Mon, 09 May 2022 02:32:24 +0000

recently split


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Australian P. bachus are now considered to be P. palmata, with bachus viewed as an New Zealand endemic. P. palmata is already in the the iNat taxonomy but clearly nobody bothered to do an atlased split as there are still Aust observations identified as P. bachus.

The numbers are low (<20) , however, and it may be easiest to just manually reidentify them.

Posted by rfoster 7 months ago (Flag)

Retroactively split which sent 30 IDs of Pseudophycis bachus to Pseudophycis palmata
and 43 staying with Pseudophycis bachus and 0 rolled back to Pseudophycis

Posted by loarie 6 months ago (Flag)

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