black nightshade

Solanum nigrum

Summary 7

By Carlos, At The international School, 10th grade

Solanum nigrum (European black nightshade) is a species in the Solanum genus, native to Eurasia and introduced in the Americas, Australasia, and South Africa. It is also known as black nightshade, duscle, garden nightshade,Indian nightshade, garden huckleberry, hound's berry, petty morel, wonder berry, small-fruited black nightshade, or popolo. Parts of this plant can be toxic to livestock and humans

Black nightshade is one of the most problematic of the nightshades. Black nightshade is a plant. Originally, black nightshade was called “petit (small) morel” to distinguish it from the more poisonous species, deadly nightshade, that is known as “great morel.” ‘You may hear black nightshade mistakenly referred to as “petty” morel, instead of the correct term, “petit” moral. People use the whole black nightshade plant including leaves, fruit, and root to make medicine.’ (1)

There can be different names used for Black Nightshade such as “Duscle, Garden Nightshade, Hound’s Berry, Petty Morel, Wonder Berry, Small-fruited Black Nightshade, and Popolo” (2)

The height of Black nightshade can usually be in between 20 to 80 cm or 8 to 32 in, and the stem and the flower itself is very hairy.(2)

The perfect time to grow this plant is in between July to October (2)

Habitat: Sea Beaches or wet land (terrestrial) (3)

This plant grows in the following states, California, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Alabama, Florida, South Calironia, Virgina, North Caliriona, New York, Maine, And most of the parts of Canada. (4)

Solanum nigrum can be used for many things such as food or medicine. In Indian states such as Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala these berries can be used as tomatoes and also used in cooking. In ancient India, the berries where used to cure a type of disease like tuberculosis, jaundice, and rat bites. (4)

(5) This herb is often confused with “Nightshade” which is very deadly

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