Empress Leilia

Asterocampa leilia

Summary 7

Asterocampa leilia, also known as Empress Leilia or Leilia Hackberry Butterfly is a species of butterflies in the Nymphalidae family.

North american ecology (us and canada) 8

Asterocampa leilia is a year-round resident in southern Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, migratory into more northern parts of Tex. (Scott 1986), and ranges down to s Mex. Habitats are desert and subtropical thorn forest. Host plant is restricted to the tree Celtis pallida (Ulmaceae). Eggs are laid in clutches with 10-15 (rarely 89) eggs per cluster. Individuals overwinter as third stage larvae. There are multiple flights each year with approximate flight times Feb 1-Nov.30 in s. Tex, April1-Nov. in Ariz. (Scott 1986).

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