Broom Dalea

Psorothamnus scoparius

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The Psorothamnus Scoparius plant, also commonly known as the Broom Dalea, is a plant that is from the Chihuahuan Desert, and from the Fabaceae family (Pea Family). This plant attracts lots of bees, butterflies, and/or birds, because these flowers are fragrant. The plant is a dark purple color. These flowers bloom by late summer to early fall and this plant seems to grow in Elephant NM, and the Native range from El Paso to Albuquerque and from the Rio Grande Valley to 600 ft. These flowers are from broom-like subshrubs. The shrub goes up to 1m tall, has many branched stems which are green. Leaves are small, herbage glandular dotted, linear, and go 8-10 mm long. The flowers are small, clustered at the tips of the stems. These are widespread and frequently encountered.

La planta Psorothamnus Scoparius, tambien conocida comunmente como Broom Dalea, es una planta del desierto de Chihuahuan y de la familia Fabaceae (familia de guisantes). Esta planta es de color morado oscuro. Estas flores florecen a fines del verano hasta principios del otono y esta plants parece crecer en Elephant NM, y el rango nativo desde El Paso hasta Albuquerque y desde el Valle del Rio Grande hasta 600 pies. Estas flores son de arbustos similares a escobas. El arbusto alcanza hasta 1m de altura, tenia muchos tallos ramificados que son pequenas, herbaceas, con puntos glandulares, lineales, y miden 8-10mm de largo. Las flores son pequenas, agrupadas en las puntas de los tallos. Estos son generalizados y se encuentran con frecuencia.

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