Viviparous Lizard

Zootoca vivipara

Identification 4

The viviparous lizard is generaly more brown and unseeming when compared to other lizards in Czech republic. One or two stripes cover the lizard from head to the end of the tail with present black spots sometimes forming a thrid black line separating the two stripes. The sides have brown colour and the belly is rarely spotted.

Ecology & Behaviour 4

The viviparous lizard compared to the other lizard species lives in colder environments. It's often seen even in high altitudes in mountain ranges. The seemless lizard often relies on open areas which allow it to bask in the sun such as heather fields or near swamps. where the soil doesn't allow as many trees. I must discourage you from catching them as you might injure the animal due to tail autotomy.

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