Green Lizard

Lacerta viridis

Identification 3

As far as identifying the animals go it's fairly simple. The green lizard is our largest species of lizard and by a fair margin of 20cm. It also has fine scale pattern with green dots all over it's body and males display blue throats and heads when mating.

Ecology & Behaviour 3

The lizard prefers exposed warm places. In Czechia it is considered a river phenomenon, meaning the range goes from South Moravia, hwere it's fairly common in few places to Northern Bohemia along rivers Vltava, Sázava, Labe and more. The males can be agressive and bite although their bite isn't strong enough to break the skin. It was advised to me in the past to let them bite your hand so the animal calms down a bit. Although I must discourage you from catching them as you might injure the animal due to tail autotomy.

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