Spotted Towhee

Pipilo maculatus

Summary 4

The Spotted Towhee (Pipilo maculatus) is a large sparrow with a black head, chest and back with white spots on the wings and back, rust colored flanks and a white belly. Females are similar except that they are brown instead of black.

To hear an example of Spotted Towhee sounds:

Where on campus? 5

Spotted Towhees are commonly seen in the California Native Plant Garden, and on the ground in the Eucalyptus grove between parking lots 5 and 6. They can also be seen in the edge habitats around the creeks that border the campus.

Habitat? 5

Spotted Towhees can be found in shrubby habitats as well as fields, forest edges and backyards.

Life History 5

Nesting Spotted Towhees nest on the ground and the female beuilds a nest out of bark, leaves and other dried plant material in a depression.

Feeding Spotted Towhees spend a lot of time foraging in leaf litter and eat a large variety of invertebrates. They also eat a wide variety of plant seeds and berries including blackberry, poison oak and acorns.

Distribution 5

Spotted Towhees are primarily found in Western North America.

Migration 5

Spotted Towhees are residents in our area.

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