Predaceous Diving Beetles


Summary 2

Dytiscidae – based on the Greek dytikos (δυτικός), "able to dive" – are the predaceous diving beetles, a family of water beetles. They are about 25 mm (one inch) long on average, though there is much variation between species. Dytiscus latissimus, the largest, can grow up to 45 mm long. Most are dark brown, blackish or dark olive in color with golden highlights in some subfamilies. They have short, but sharp mandibles. Immediately upon biting they deliver digestive enzymes. The larvae are commonly known as water tigers. The family has not been comprehensively cataloged since 1920, but is estimated to include about 4,000 species in over 160 genera.

SoCal Status 3

Known Species per The California Beetle Database .
Acilius abbreviatus
Agabinus glabrellus
Agabus brevicollis
Agabus confertus
Agabus disintegratus
Agabus griseipennis
Agabus hoppingi
Agabus ilybiiformis
Agabus lineellus
Agabus lugens
Agabus lutosus
Agabus morosus
Agabus obsoletus
Agabus perplexus
Agabus regularis
Agabus semivittatus
Agabus seriatus
Agabus walsinghami
Celina occidentalis
Colymbetes exaratus incognitus
Colymbetes strigatus
Colymbetes strigatus crotchi
Colymbetes strigatus strigatus
Copelatus chevrolati renovatus
Copelatus glyphicus
Coptotomus longulus
Cybister ellipticus
Cybister explanatus
Desmopachria latissima
Desmopachria mexicana
Dytiscus dauricus
Dytiscus marginicollis
Eretes occidentalis
Eretes sticticus
Hydroporus axillaris
Hydroporus despectus rusticus
Hydroporus fortis
Hydroporus hirtellus
Hydroporus simplex
Hydroporus subpubescens
Hydrotrupes palpalis
Hydrovatus brevipes
Hygrotus collatus
Hygrotus fraternus
Hygrotus hydropicus
Hygrotus impressopunctatus
Hygrotus intermedius
Hygrotus lutescens
Hygrotus pedalis
Hygrotus sayi
Laccophilus fasciatus terminalis
Laccophilus maculosus decipiens
Laccophilus mexicanus
Laccophilus mexicanus atristernalis
Laccophilus mexicanus mexicanus
Laccophilus quadrilineatus quadrilineatus
Laccophilus sonorensis
Liodessus affinis
Liodessus obscurellus
Neoclypeodytes cinctellus
Neoclypeodytes pictodes
Neoclypeodytes plicipennis
Neoclypeodytes quadripustulatus
Neoclypeodytes roughleyi
Oreodytes sierrae
Rhantus anisonychus
Rhantus atricolor
Rhantus binotatus
Rhantus gutticollis
Rhantus sericans
Rhantus wallisi
Sanfillipodytes barbarensis
Sanfillipodytes belfragei
Sanfillipodytes latebrosus
Sanfillipodytes palliatus
Sanfillipodytes terminalis
Sanfillipodytes undetermined
Sanfillipodytes vilis
Sanfillipodytes williami
Stictotarsus coelamboides
Stictotarsus deceptus
Stictotarsus dolerosus
Stictotarsus eximius
Stictotarsus expositus
Stictotarsus funereus
Stictotarsus griseostriatus
Stictotarsus striatellus
Thermonectus basillaris cervinus
Thermonectus basillaris insignis
Thermonectus intermedius
Thermonectus marmoratus californicus
Uvarus subtilis

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